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Y Tienes Alas Otra Vez . .  Podcast 
true self, life, genuineness, true attraction and Jesus, growth.Artist Name
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Learning compassion & Love for thyself.Estefany
00:00 / 06:18
Amor propio, y amor. dejando situaciones toxicas
00:00 / 07:21
Finding your true self.
00:00 / 11:26
letting go of what is not meant or you, healing intuitively
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Becoming a young woman.

Courage, strength, and stewardess.
Finding the time-space and mental reality to be about it, live and find your truth.
The breakthrough space, for any woman coming of age, any person beginning to find their power and strength.
Finding valor in finding who truly are.

There's often a rush being a young woman, and I am here to tell you to savor life, maximize it fulfill yourself, and be true to yourself.


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