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Herbs For Digestive Support

Ayurvedic Herbs and Plants that support the belly.

The plant world is an efficiently prominent aspect of human life, as humans and plants have similar alchemic structures. Many plants have the incredible capacity of helping and supporting our body’s systematic functions.

As we have morphed into disconnection with plants, we have forgotten of the magical healing abilities and gifts plants have for us.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary)

Rosemary brings warmth and cleansing to all various aspects of the body.

  • Helps the flow of bile

  • Digestive blocks

  • Fights parasites (Antiseptic).

  • Stimulates certain parts of the brain, functioning as an ADHD reliever.

In ancient Greece, people used rosemary garlands on their heads with the intention of purification.

Artemisia (goddess of the moon)

Known for specifically fighting parasites in the body, and its mystical connection to the moon, as parasites tend to strengthen on full moons. Nature after all is in sync with the patterns of the heavens.

  • Digestive overgrowth

  • Yeast conditions, such as Candida (through hydriodic acid component).

  • Relieves the flow of stomach juices

  • Parasitic infections

Camillus (mullein)

Camillus is an overall healer for the immune system.

  • Sinus infections

  • Digestive function

  • Diabetes

  • Fungal overgrowth

  • Sharpens and rejuvenates the mind

Verbascum Thapsus

  • Lymphatic system

  • Supports emotional blockages, usually shown in the body shown in the abdominal area.

  • Ear infections, ear aches.

  • Lung congestions



Cleans infections


  • Supports Anti-inflammatory conditions, asthma

  • IBS

  • Arthritis

  • Emotional heart support


  • Heart healer, knots in the chest.

  • Hyperactive conditions, nerve impulses

  • Grounding, and calming an overactive immune system,

Exhilarating to an underactive immune system. (due to polysaccharides)

  • Adaptogens and adrenal function

  • Provides overall strength


  • Topical use in wounded infections

  • Heals oral infections

  • Stress reliever

Red Clover

  • Cancer formula

  • Helps menopause (plants with low estrogen levels)

  • Helps gallbladder

  • Antifungal

  • Cleanses blood

  • Relieves bronchial conditions

Come flower

  • Stress reducer

  • Relieves infections

  • Heals poison ivy rash

  • Supports cell normalization

  • Immune function

Hope this helps ~

Written by Estefany Rodriguez


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