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The Vivacious Juices, My Favorite Recipes

Learn my favorite juice recipes for the spring!

Splendid Juice

- Watermelon

- Berry pack, frozen or regular, (Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry.)

- Lots of lime.

Put in a container to soak for 30 minutes, then juice with a juicer or a blender, do not be afraid to add any additional juices like water or celery. You will get a pink vibrant juice, that has the sweetness of life.

This is a marvelous recipe, the tastiest juice you will ever drink! if you are wanting to get creative try this juice recipe.

Green power

- Celery

- Apples

- Kale

- Cucumber

- Lemon or Limes

- Cilantro

Add into you're juicer or blend. This is a surprisingly tangy and enlivening, unique, and life-giving taste.

The OG green juice. My favorite juice for detoxing.

Nourishing Juice

- Carrots

- Apple

- Lemon

- Dino Kale

- parsley

Add to juicer and Juice. This is a strong juice, it fills you up and nourishes the soul, good for eyesight, and is a powerful fasting tool. You can have this for lunch and be full.

Celery Juice



Add to juicer or blender, strain and serve.

Watermelon Love


-Lots of Lemon

Juice or blend. Simple and delicious.

Green Pow ( The weight dropper)

- Pineapple

- Lots of celery

- Cucumber

- Spinach

- Kale

- Beets

- Lime

- Cilantro (Optional)

Blend in a Blender, and enjoy this fabulous gut health, and weight loss promoting juice smoothie.

This is yummy and abundantly targeting all parts of your body, And my personal favorite for debloating.

I sometimes take this in the morning, before the gym, and before going to bed for de-bloating.

Ginger Juicer ( no juicer needed)

-Boil lots of ginger.

-Add it to a blender with hot water.

-Blend and strain with a mesh bag.

-Add it to a pitcher or large water bottle and refrigerate.

Fiery juice, promotes weight - loss, by targeting your digestive system, go easy on it though it is strong.

Adding a special recipe! (My Signature)

Green Kale Salad.

- Kale (chopped)

- Half an Avacado

- Lime

- chili flakes

- onion powder

- garlic powder

- pepper

- Green Goddess dressing (Trader Joe's)

You can pair this with grilled salad if you want to add more to it. (It tastes amazing).

The key is to mash the avocado finely and mix it all together, and there you have it. A filling, tasty, and abundantly healthy salad. I have been eating this since 14, and I absolutely love it and still enjoy of it till this day.


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