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Things that unlock your Happy chemicals.

Sometimes we need a little push in life, here are some cool facts and some things that help me stay rejuvenated and clear!

  1. Self-care. Put your favorite face mask on and chill, clean your room relax and read a book.

  2. Run a bath.

  3. Completing tasks (Accomplishing your goals, also helps you feel more confident).

  4. Eating Good Food.

  5. Touch.

  6. Getting enough sleep.

  7. Writing or journaling

  8. Sunshine!

  9. Laughing.

  10. Play with animals

  11. Give genuine compliments to people.

When things feel off, I am in a funk or am struggling with my health.

I got back to the basics, here is a list of things that help me.

Go back to the basics :

  • Fast ~ be alive and fresh in the spirit go back to the routines and places that bring your soul back to life and have fun.

  • Focus on nutrition

  • Drink Green juices

  • Eat fruits

  • Be in your body move ~ Your favorite type of Movement

  • Absorb the Sunlight, sunlight is like food to our minds, bodies, and emotions. Soak in the earth's soil.

  • Cleanse yourself in the ocean.

Our spirit comes alive with simple rituals we forget to do.

Let’s feel alive.


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