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functional Nutrition consultation

Functional health based coaching and life mentoring. Ancient practice.

  • 30 min
  • 100

Service Description

A functional health mentorship for your mind body and soul. A mentorship provided, to re-enliven your senses and passion for life. Any healing needed to be done regarding your connection to health. Rekindling you're own connection to the earth, your body and a sense of self. This service provides you with a personal service of guidance based on a a functional medicine practice. Touching on your connection to your body, health defects and misalignments, understanding the language of your body, forming a deeper and raw connection to your body and your senses. This will create great intuition and cleanliness in your life, this guidance will stay ingrained in your own life, and on going practices. Those who are willing to listen and tap into deep messages rooted messages in the body. My practice revolves around the healing of the health problem physically, with certain removal of foods, collaborations, and using food as medicine, cutting out any toxic habits interfering with the health process, while healing and understanding any emotional wounds, traumas and energies assimilated with these signs and messages from the body. Our bodies are the physical manefestations of our inner world (mind + emotional body). I work healing the root of the problem, while healing, therefote re- immersing the physical body back into harmony.

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