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How I Encorporated Yummy Foods Into My Vegan Diet For Two Weeks.

I Journaled My Vegan Diet For Two Weeks And How I Intuitively Eat.

I documented two weeks of my vegan lifestyle. My diet will usually consist of both simple and complicated vegan meals. For two weeks I documented foods I ate in order to get a resulting response between my normal everyday diet to the second week, being a planned diet according to the food pyramid. The end result should consist of any changes in nutrition, energy, and taste. My vegan diet consists of an animal-free balanced diet with grains, plant protein, minerals, and fibers. The start of the first week included daily meals, my lunch and breakfast foods consisted of mostly whole grains like quinoa, beans, bagels, etc. Along with calcium-rich foods like kale, peas, and soy products. I had a kale salad with avocado and a zesty dressing, with turmeric spiced tofu and a plain bagel on the side. Likewise, my diet also includes an important combination of vegetables and fruits. Lastly, Omega-3 fatty acids and the regular vitamins that are in avocados, seeds, and oils, were also a high intake during my first week. I had meals like bagels, soups, and a few vegan interpretations along with salads and veggies. For example, I had a veggie stock mushroom soup with celery carrots and potatoes with tofu and miso paste along with a chili paste. Lead by that, balancing our food digestion is extremely important for every diet making sure the human body is getting enough protein, vitamins and healthy fats are all-important and is all crucial for a healthy strong body. When the second week was about to begin, I set four standard goals for myself. Those four goals consisted of, restricting the use of oils and less healthy fats, eating fresher meals by digesting more veggies more fruits, drinking more water, and slightly balancing out my meals. Healthy fats and oils are necessary for a healthy diet but all to an extent. While planning the second week, I knew there were not gonna be many large changes or differences that needed to be made. Led by the fact that I already have a fairly healthy diet, I restricted a few things that could detoxify any few processed foods I had eaten the week before, which is never a bad idea.

By the time the second week had started, I was already working up to my goals effortlessly. A generous amount of the breakfast foods I ate during the planned diet week were made up of green juices and smoothies, kale salads with protein, and lots of fruit and veggies. I had a kale avocado salad with the same zesty dressing for breakfast, for lunch I had a kale, pineapple, cilantro, lemon, apple, and spinach smoothie with hemp seeds, meant to detox the body. Those food properties gave me a good amount of calcium, omega-3, and nutrients before starting the day. I tried to contain fresh veggies along with fruits and green juices almost every day during the second week. Leading towards lunch, a fair amount of my food intake during this time of the day, consisted of varied grains, soups, cooked vegetables, soy protein like tofu, natural pancakes, etc. . I made oatmeal pancakes one day for breakfast with almond milk, blended oats (flour), maple syrup, and mashed bananas. The snacks I ate throughout the day did not change much, since the first week. Most of the snacks consisted of veggies, crackers, tea, and fruits. My favorite snacks consist of veggies and Mary’s Crackers with organic hummus. All of the meals throughout the day are varied in different food properties. I managed to balance my diet with mostly fresh foods and meet my goals at the end of the week. Once the week was over there were slight differences between the two weeks. For example, once focusing more on fresh and raw foods, my body felt more cleansed and clean than usual. Overall there was not much of a drastic effect due to the fact that I already have a clean vegan diet, I yet recommend looking through the food pyramid and finding information about healthy food diets and the different properties that our body depends on. Everyone should have the right to be knowledgeable and thoughtful about what goes in their bodies.


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